Thursday, December 16, 2004

Big Test on Saturday

The Carolina Panthers (6-7) have lost their NFC South crown to the Atlanta Falcons (10-3), but the two division rivals will not be short of incentives when they meet on Saturday night at the Georgia Dome. The Panthers, who lost seven of their first eight games, will try to win their sixth consecutive contest after defeating St. Louis, 20-7, last week. The Falcons, who clinched the NFC South with a 35-10 victory over Oakland last week, will try to earn a first-round bye for the playoffs.

The rare prime time game can be seen on the ESPN television network Saturday, December 18, 8:30 p.m. and heard on The Carolina Panthers Radio Network with pre-game reporting beginning at 7:30.


Blogger Uncle Wheelie said...

I have given deep thought on the nature of sports as done nowadays. Here's the deal: I now only root for whichever team is on the defense (unless, of course, the defense sucks so bad that I let Teresa tell me which ones have the cutest arse and then we root for them). This is because any bunch of multi-millionaire thugs can grab the ball and run for a touchdown. BUT! It takes real skill to cause a fumble, or make an interception and run it back for a TD. That's what sports is all about. The turnover. Most fans (I am sure) live for these moments in the otherwise relatively drab games (notwithstanding, of course, the 4th and 75 Hail Mary with 3 seconds left in the 4th quarter). And, speaking of turnovers, hot apple seems to be a favorite.

And now for something really different: Just what is SpongeBob SquarePants really up to? Hmmmm?

4:52 PM, January 06, 2005  

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