Saturday, March 08, 2008

Hillary Makes It Hard to Like Her

Hillary Clinton Claiming "Experience" She Doesn't Own

I have a framed, surprisingly personal letter of thanks on the office wall signed - not stamped - by President Bill Clinton. It came in reply to a short email we sent one Christmas when he was being perpetually impeached for lying and obfuscating about his large "bimbo problem." We sent holiday greetings from our family to his, along with a post script asking him please not to resign. Hillary didn't respond or add her signature to the letter, even though the email was to them both and all four of us attached our names. Just not all that involved in White House life or her own personal life, I supposed at the time.

I personally wondered during those times what the deal was with her. Protecting the privacy of your dysfunctional marriage is one thing, but private is not something Bill's amorous adventures were. Had she no pride? No ambitions for herself? No common sense?

This last year has informed me that she's turned Bill's bad behavior into a debt "owed" to her, and she's projected that onto America in general too. News flash to Hillary Clinton: I don't owe you a darned thing.

Hillary used Bill to purchase a senate seat in a state where she'd never lived, and New Yorkers bought it (I don't know why). She used him to set herself up for a Presidential run, and has been using him as attack dog throughout the primary season so far. And now she's using him to pretend she has Presidential "experience" and is magically "qualified" to be CiC - while at the same time telling the world that Republican candidate John McCain is more qualified for that job than Barack Obama, the challenger who is beating her soundly in the Voter's Choice Awards.

Now, just to inject a little bit of FACT into this ridiculous scenario, Barack Obama has been an elected legislator since 1996. Hillary's first elected job began in 2000. This gives him a full 4 years of actual electoral governmental "experience" on her. If merely occupying a bedroom in someone else's mansion counted, John McCain would be fighting for the Republican nomination with Laura Bush.

The only thing Hillary was ever officially in charge of when her hubby was Prez was health care reform, which went precisely nowhere and is still not done all these years later. Her health care plan if she wins the nomination this year is no better, and will again sell us out to the death by spreadsheet industry. [To be fair, Obama's isn't materially better]. So now she says she'll be there when "The Phone" rings in the middle of the night...

Hillary's "Red Phone" Ad

Insulting, n'est ce pas? Note to Hillary: Phones have been around for a few generations already. Most people have heard a phone ring in the middle of the night, and most don't have "operators standing by" at a switchboard (plus whole squadrons of aides and secretaries) to screen those calls first. Most of us have answered our own phones, even in the middle of the night, and even when the news was bad. This does not count as Presidential-level "leadership experience" or specific qualification to be Commander in Chief. Honestly.

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