Friday, April 17, 2009

Losing Lucy


We had a rough day. Our dear dog Lucy passed away this afternoon. We just returned from the bottom of the garden to lay her to rest with the many other fine animal friends who have owned our hearts through all our years here.

Lucy was about 11 years old and will go down in history as the most loyal of all our doggie wonders. Joy found her at the mailbox with a too large collar. We guessed her to be maybe six weeks old and was tiny enough to fit in a coat pocket. She grew to be quite the lady. Amanda did change her name for awhile after she chewed up her new sandals, but other than that, she was pretty wonderful.

She had also helped raise many other dogs and cats and kept them in line with an iron paw. Well, more than an iron paw actually. She was in fact, quite the Dom bitch to all her charges. But to her humans, she was all sweetness and innocence. She herded many a child away from harm, kept a sharp ear and eye out for danger and could run like the wind.

We are still blessed by the cooing of our 16 year old magical white dove Noel, so we're not without an animal friend, but it feels pretty empty nonetheless.

Bye Lucy Loo, we're sure going to miss you. Thanks for being such a great friend and protector.


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