Saturday, August 30, 2008

Stoopid Network Tricks and Dallying Dems


As I sit here listening to CSPAN pre-convention inanities and old speeches in the background while waiting for the kickoff (and a Teddy Kennedy cry-fest), I figured I'd go ahead and report the first Odd-News story of the '08DNC. It certainly gave me a giggle.

The DNC pool coverage this year is being provided by... of all possible sources... Fox News. Just about 12 hours exactly from the opening, the sprinkler system in a Fox skybox was set off, flooding the downstairs concourse and club areas so badly the fire department had to suck it up with shop-vacs. The massive amounts of lighting and broadcasting equipment - and attendant wiring - had to be hastily removed to prevent electrical fire. The link is from KSUA-TV 9 in Denver:

Part of Pepsi Center flooded by sprinkler system

Some immediate pointed asides occurred to me, so of course I perused the bored-as-me blogosphere to see what kind of speculations might be floating around. The best I've found so far for satirical or just plain humorous value are:

• Since it's the Pepsi Center, was it Aquafina?
• Their pants were on fire.
• Pundit hairspray meets Limbaugh's cigar.
• Hot air from Sean Hannity.
• Methane. Too much bullshit too close to hot lights.

On the fact that some fundamentalists were out front praying for rain...

• Proof positive prayer works.
• Proof that one needs to word prayers carefully.

Hahaha!!! Whew! Presuming Fox's lighting crew figured out they can't put those hot spots within a foot of the heat sensors for the sprinkler system, I've also been idly watching the interactions between people and groups of people wandering through the convention center. If you thought the YKos and NetrootsNation conventions were regular hotbeds of rampant orgy-like partying, the DNC has to take the cake! Never been to one, but judging from PCUSA General Assemblies I've attended, there's definitely a bunch of hanky-panky going on...

I'm sure there's an equivalent amount of close encounters that take place during the RNC too, so I'm not saying only one side of the aisle still has some libido. It's just that at the RNC it's chemically-enhanced (Viagra/Cialis) and happening mostly in the men's rest rooms. [rim shot]

Hehehe!!! Okay, I think I'm prepared to spend the next four days glued to all-day platform committee hammering, all-evening speechifying and all-night partying - on CSPAN, sans commercials. Should be a magical memory maker this time around!

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