Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Let's talk about creepy

Diane Feinstein's (D-Cal) hubby gets $600m US Army contract. Are we the only ones creeped out by this? (BUZZ FLASH)

After reading this headline from Buzzflash, I read the article and then looked a little closer to make sure I knew who she was. I was sure she was a Democrat so I had added the "(D-Cal)" suffix to her name as I was quoting the headline. Then, in a moment of doubt before proceeding, I decided to go to her site to make sure she was indeed a Democrat.

The home page doesn't include the word Democrat. The Biography page doesn't either...hmmm. How about I just search the entire Diane Feinstein web site for the word? feinstein.senate.gov
Nice links to action by Democrats but never use of the word on her own site. Now I'm not jumping to conclusions or anything, it just took some work to make sure I knew who she was, especially after reading about some of her votes.

And now I read about her husband, and one just has to wonder.

Oh forget it, I'm being too kind. She votes for Gonzo, she votes for torture. She votes for Rice, she votes for the exteme of the right wing agenda. She votes for her husband getting a lucrative contract, she votes for the unnecessary death of innocent women and children and the heartbreak of thousands of American families built on the deaths of their sons and daughters which was all made possible through the lies of the administration and the gullible and complicit. Gullible is bad enough for intelligent, rich leaders who understand intimately the ways of government. Complicit is something much darker and with this news of Feinstein's relationship through her husband to the corrupt commerce of the Iraq defense scheme, one is obliged to cast her character in a very shady and oily light.


Blogger Uncle Wheelie said...

Interesting? You bet. But I'm not surprised -- merely disappointed. But then, there's more than one bad apple in the political barrel.

Please to keep in mind, though, that it's not the structure that's defective, merely the crud that's been stuffed into it.

9:45 AM, January 27, 2005  

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