Sunday, June 19, 2005

The battle is truly engaged

DSM is finally making waves in MSM.
This is significant considering that main stream media is really the most responsible party for getting us into this mess. From the New York Times' Judith Miller to the Washington Post's Howard Kurtz, the run up to the war was glorified with abject abandon as they rushed to accept the administration's reason to rush to war. Such shame has never befallen the proud history of American media.

That being said, today was somewhat of a landmark. Consider this great diary on kos that describes the day's events. Downing Street Press Reaction


Anonymous Anonymous said...

[Forgot my blogger ID, sorry! It's me... Joy]

Ah, come on Randall! We all know the neocons and their Shrub were planning to take Saddam's oil long before 9-11. 9-11 was their EXCUSE to go ahead and do it, so they'd of course use 9-11 to justify it!

Politiks as usual in bushland. I'm getting truly downhearted that our 'side' hasn't even started impeachment investigations yet. Why do they have all the power, and we don't, even when we own the Houses?

Maybe it's a "lay low" strategy to distract from next year's midterms. If they don't see a big threat, they may not be tempted to tempt fate by rigging the elections as they did in '00 and '04. Perhaps an internet/blog campaign, just under their radar, could retake the Senate at least... then we'd have wiggle room to make the last part of this goon's last term a true nightmare!

Hmmm... maybe I'm onto something. How can we make that happen??????

9:39 PM, June 30, 2005  

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