Saturday, July 23, 2005

Evil, Evil, Evil!

Joy Busey

"Luke," Darth Vader intones in his deep baritone, "you don't know the power of the dark side."

Well, I've come across it a few times, and certainly appreciate its power. Take for instance a threat this week by Darth W [our erstwhile CinC] threatening in his whiney alto to wield the very first VETO of his [p]residency against next year's Military Appropriations Bill because of amendments offered by John McCain and Lindsey Graham to regulate the treatment of detainees and set up a commission to investigate abuses at Gitmo, Abu Ghraib and other military prisons.

According to Reuters -

The White House on thursday threatened to veto a massive Senate bill for $442 billion in next year's defense programs if it moves to regulate the Pentagon's treatment of detainees or sets up a commission to investigate operations at Guantanamo Bay prison and elsewhere.

Now, you may ask "Why?" It's just a few 'bad apples', isn't it? Well, apparently not. Just yesterday (July 22) the Center for Constitutional Rights denounced the Bush administration's latest efforts to block compliance with FOIA requests by the center, the ACLU, Physicians for Human Rights, Veterans for Peace, and Veterans for Common Sense for release of photographs and videos of abuse of detainees at Abu Ghraib. Photos and videos that we already know (because Lindsey Graham told us back in 2003) show beatings, rape of women detainees, sodomy of child detainees, desecration of dead bodies, etc. Now the gub'ment is claiming that they are exempt from FOIA because the material is "law-enforcement related" and violates the "privacy" of the detainees (or maybe just the rapists/torturers).

Given that our military (such as it is) is currently deployed to two war zones, spending a billion dollars a week in just Iraq, getting "supplemental" appropriations of $85 billion every six months (that rich folks aren't paying because they got nifty tax cuts) just so I can no longer retire at 65 and get the money I've been paying into SS all my life, I'd actually LIKE to see the Shrub veto the appropriations bill because of these amendments. It might force 'Middle Amerika' to wake up and start the impeachment proceedings against the whole damn lot of 'em.

Bushie does claim that not allowing torture or rape, or allowing investigations of torture and rape, will undermine his "authority to protect Americans from terrorist attack." But since child sodomy and gang rape are large among the abuses cited, I suspect it's just the same old same old same from the Bush enclave at the Bohemian Grove, where all the richest, most powerful Satanists go every summer to sodomize children and murder babies for the banquet [see Gannongate threatens to expose huge GOP pedophile and male prostitution ring].

At what point do we here on the primary synchronized world of the Evil Empire say "ENOUGH!!!" and get the opportunity to rebel against Darth and the evil Sith Emperor by joining the Alliance? Where are Luke and Leah? Are there no Jedi left, Yoda?


Anonymous Yoda, aka onesock said...

Screwed, we are. Young Padawan.

12:52 PM, August 01, 2005  

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