Tuesday, August 29, 2006

National Blog Spotlight on NC

Daily Kos election roundup includes NC 08 and NC 11

I just stumbled on this roundup over at Daily Kos and was delighted to see that my diary on raising money through ActBlue for Heath Shuler and Christopher Walker's excellent diary on Larry Kissell were included in the roundup of state race pieces posted.

Please visit the Kos diary roundup and see how other states are being represented. The diarist will apparently be doing these roundups through the election. Then write a diary! The more attention we can bring to our state races through non traditional media, the more traditional media will pay attention. The netroots are driving the bus right now, let's open the windows and shine as much light as possible on North Carolina.

As Kos posted yesterday about John Edwards, HE gets it.

During Edwards' campaign stop in Connecticut with Lamont, he blew off the traditional media (including the once all-important editorial boards). But he didn't blow off the bloggers.


Blogger benny06 said...

You are so right, Randall. John Edwards is a man of the people, and he encourages citizen journalism.

Check out this citizen journalist video in which 4 NC citizens were invited to caravan behind Edwards and Heath Shuler last week to visit a Habit for Humanity family.


Also feel free to visit my blog for the latest JRE buzz, if you are interested.

2:28 PM, August 29, 2006  

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