Sunday, August 27, 2006

NC 11: Shuler YES Taylor NO

Thanks to Scrutiny Hooligans
for the link to the On Notice Generator.
Thanks to my last excursion into local and state politics, I am growing more and more aware of how important things are here down on the ground, so to speak. And how fun and energized.

I was inspired this week by a Netroots fundraising Drive on Daily Kos to start my own fundraising page for Heath Shuler. I had been to ActBlue once to donate during a Lamont net drive, but didn't realize at the time that people could create their own page, for their own candidate. What a great idea. I know, I know, I'm a little slow but I try.
My Heath Fundraising Page

Give it a try, it's fun and it can show the fine folks of your district that there is a netroots campaign going on, that there is an unnofficial, loosely associated and energetic movement in the party at its roots. Its enough to get anyone's attention.

At the ActBlue Heath Page you can see all eight of the Shuler fundraising pages. As of this posting we've had 14 donors for a total of $310.01. Over at Larry Kissell, NC 08 you see a far different picture.

Across ActBlue
Donors: 987
Total: $37,822.76

The reasons are many and and this is the most obvious:
MyDD, DailyKos & Swing State Project: 656 donors, $11,250.53.

I don't know if we need that much support, but the Shuler vs Taylor battle should be doing better than $310.00. If I remember right, the latest smear from Taylor is that Shuler is taking in "big money" or something. We should be raising small money to make a statement and make a difference.


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