Thursday, October 27, 2005

Traditional Fitzmas Feast

For all you anxious Fitzmas Eve gourmands out there, I offer the

Traditional Fitzmas Feast

Menu includes the following taste treat sensations! Suggestions are geared toward the average family's guest list of at least 12 people...

-- Frog-march legs.
-- Spicy-hot Jambalaya aspic, on crackers.
-- Texas-Mesquite Lamb Fries [steer testicles, breaded and deep-fried].

-- 1 Cooked Goose, roasted.
-- 1 Jumpsuit Orange glazed Lame Duck [comes with one drumstick].
-- 12 oz. bag of frozen Chicken-Hawk gizzards [for gravy].
-- 10 pounds Porked potatoes.
-- Large pot of Hopping John [Black-eyed peas, Brownie Rice, fresh Collared and Pokey greens].
-- Braised Leaks.
-- Sour Grape sauce [recipe on bag].

-- Nigerian Yellowcake Surprise*
-- Neopolitan Ice
-- imPeach Pie

* We have a lovely collection of tried-and-true Yellowcake recipes available upon request. These include such traditional favorites as -

-- Yellowcake Valerie Flame-beau (the volatile brandy glaze is perfect for those celebrating birthdays on or around Fitzmas!)
-- Grandma's Pineapple Upside-Down Yellowcake (always impressive at feasts!)
-- Yellowcake Ghosties (because Halloween is just days away from Fitzmas!)
-- Undercover Yellowcake (you'll love this cream cheese frosting!)
-- Yellowcake Cherry Cheesecake (so rich it's positively radioactive!)
-- Cream-filled Yellowcake Twinkies (perfect for school lunchboxes!)
-- Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Yellowcake Bars (these will keep in the fridge 'til Thanksgiving!)

There's more in our Yellowcake Cookbook, available at Amazon for just $24.95!



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