Sunday, August 14, 2005

Hastert for President in 2007

From Hastert for President 2007

We all know the midterm Congressional elections happen in November of 2006, and there's not a Presidential election until 2008. So, why NOT Hastert in 2007? I mean, if Democrats were to re-take the Senate and maybe even the House in next year's midterms, we could expect very significant issues to be addressed when the new Congress convenes in January of 2007.

The most significant issues have to do with "high crimes and misdemeanors" involving the current administration's senior power structure. Which, as we all understand, includes both President and Vice President in this White House. Should Republicans experience the anti-Iraq and MASS [Mad About Social Security] backlash some are beginning to fear in 2006, there may be enough interest in January of 2007 to actually begin impeachment proceedings. Against both Bush and Cheney.

Presuming of course that by the midterm elections of 2006 Karl Rove will be in jail (or trying hard to keep himself out of jail) for treason. Which in time of war (need anyone be reminded), is certainly considered a "high crime." Coverup may be a misdemeanor (for Bush and Chaney), or maybe not. Depends on who knew what when, as such criminal matters do. Nixon's cover-up was felonious, and he knew he didn't stand a chance in the Senate. So when it looked like the House would vote to send it up, he was officially outta there.

Of course, that particular "War President" had made some powerful enemies in the intelligence community, the diplomatic community, and yes, the military. He lied a lot, abused the rights of American citizens, and insisted on prosecuting an unpopular war for years after it was known that it could not be won. If he were being channeled from the grave, he'd probably tell Shrub and his ventriloquist they're toast.

According to the official list for Presidential succession, the Speaker of the House is #3 in the lineup. That is, if he is re-elected in his district in 2006. And right now, Dennis Hastert of Illinois is the Speaker of the House.

This is why I am for Dennis Hastert for President in 2007. It would be a short Presidency, but likely not a particularly damaging one. He can serve as #44 until January of 2009, when We the People swear in the 45th President of the United States.


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