Saturday, October 01, 2005

Answer to Obama

I posted the following response to Barack Obama's diary post to Daily Kos, in which he argued for milquetoast to be the definition of Democratic [non]Pro-Activism in government. My Kos post got a 4.0 rating. Cool...

it reads -

Huh. Once again I'm perceiving a need for a genuine progressive party in this country. You don't see the neocon coup leaders allowing any centrist leanings or rational discussions in the ranks (or in the propaganda machine), nor can we expect them to give up the power they stole - stole, not 'won' - in 2000 and again in 2004 through utter corruption and destruction of the democratic institutions and processes they hate.

Meanwhile, the looting goes on unchecked because in 21st century Amerika it's perfectly okay for VPs to be on the payroll of corporations being handed no-bid multi-billion dollar taxpayer funded contracts, for "high-level government officials" to commit blatant treason just to politically punish truth-tellers, for whole useless departments of gub'ment to be created just so cronies can steal hundreds of billions more, and for wars of greed and aggression (on behalf of yet more cronies) to be sold to the paying public with scary bedtime stories and outright lies.

And where are the Democrats during all this? Cowering under their covers at night and making 'wish lists' during the day for what they'll buy when their corporate payoff for "playing the game" comes in.

As has been demonstrated graphically by recent 'terrorist' weather patterns, WE the People are on our own. If WE the People had any real representatives in this government, they would not be playing kissy-kissy with the devil's golden ass while our nation's once noble ideals are hijacked and flown straight into the Pentagon, then marooned to drown in a delta cesspool while the whole world watches in horror.

This has got to stop. Now, not "someday."


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