Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Fitzmas Eve!!!

Joy here...

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Oh, happy day! The anticipation is excruciating...

The grand jury is meeting today, the NYT, CNN and various denizens of left blogistan are actively speculating that this is the day sealed indictments will be handed down. The Special Counsel has scheduled a press conference for tomorrow, presumably to announce the names on those indictments and answer questions about seeking an extension for further investigation... possibly into direct participation by Haliburton's ex-CEO, chief lobbyist and occasional cyborg VPOTUS.

Now, I am not happy that traitors have occupied the People's House for these past 5 years. I'm not happy with the way they got into power. I'm not happy that they lied us into a disastrous war that has cost 100,000 Iraqi lives and 2,000 of our children (along with more than 43,000 who have lost significant parts of themselves). I'm not happy that they committed dastardly treason against the national security apparatus of the US of A, totally blowing the cover on a long-standing counter-intel operation in the Middle East dedicated to stopping terrorists and their state supporters from acquiring weapons of mass destruction. I'm not happy that by outing one of the high-level operatives in that operation (for the purpose of threatening the CIA not to reveal the lies that got us into war), at least one NOC in that operation has been killed.

I am happy that there are still Americans who detest treason. I am happy that "the rule of law" can still be applied to traitors, and that at least a few citizens remember that high treason in times of war is in fact a very, very serious crime - a capital offense when there are bodies to count. And I am happy that even the most brainwashed and deliberately blind among us have stopped paying attention to Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Loofa, et al.'s sleazy attempts to pass high treason and perjury off as nothing more serious than double parking.

Today is the day America begins to come back to herself, remembers that our highest ideals - that which we believe most strongly that we are or must try to become - do not condone or insist upon state-sponsored torture, illegal wars of aggression, mass murder of civilians, corporate corruption of our institutions, crony government, abandonment of our fellow citizens to drown in filth, and price gouging on necessities of life. They've tortured us, abandoned us, killed our children, and robbed us blind. It's well past time for a little comeuppance.

Now we will get to see how the strange child in the WH chooses to make good on the uncountable lies he's told us over the past few years, including the one about "knowing" Karl had nothing to do with the Plame leak, and the other one about firing anyone in his administration shown to have been involved. My guess is that he'll do just what his daddy did when he too was facing the high probability that cronies indicted in Iran-Contra would spill the beans during prosecution - he'll issue blanket pardons. For high treason.

At which point general strikes are the only proper response. We'll just have to shut everything down and put our bodies out there on the streets to 'just say no'. Wouldn't it be nice if we could bring our too-thinly stretched troops home in time for Christmas? Swear in Dennis Hastert before then and he can go humbly before the UN and request the world's help. The world, in acknowledgment of our late-but-heartfelt housecleaning, would probably oblige.

The Republican party won't survive this one, though. At least, not on a national level. That too is just comeuppance.


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