Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Signs of hope amid the disgust

A run through the blogs today reveals some interesting and hopeful language. It is a veritable smorgasboard of Rethuglican horror, from the Attorney General to the profiteering in Iraq, to anti-gay gay Senators, to the shocking revelation that Bush new about the levees breaking many, many hours before local authorities did. And didn't tell them. The stories are beyond creepy, they reek of evil.

So let's start with the evil shall we?

Brent Budowski has an excellent blog I want my brother to read. It looks past Senator Craig's recent gay sex bust and puts the real face of evil on this President and the policies that foment actual, real, bona-fide evil in this world as we know it. Starting with the premise of "hypocrisy" being the the least of the evils, the author weaves a very convincing opinion.

The problem is the hypocrisy of those who preach God yet violate God’s rules and use God to direct hate toward their political opponents and toward groups they deem as vulnerable. The problem, though, is not only the hypocrisy but the corruptions and the crimes that involve evil, with or without the hypocrisy.

But he goes on to say that this isn't the true problem. The problem is the depth of depravity that this President and his policies have inflicted on humankind.

But the problem is not only the hypocrisy, but the corruptions and abuses themselves. In Iraq, war profiteering his reached epidemic and disgusting proportions while wounded troops suffer and homeless veterans rise in numbers.

Now the Petraeus weapons scandal expands into a major criminal investigation, and while he is no doubt personally honest, he is guilty of incompetent and negligent management that allowed criminals during his watch to make vast sums of money while our weapons disappeared and no doubt ended up in the hands of those killing our troops.

Brent nails this with the truth that any thinking Christian must address.

Speaking of evil, let's revisit Katrina .

Greg Palast has been working hard on the realities of Hurricane Katrina and has just revealed a bombshell for those that are paying attention.

"How the White House Drained New Orleans"

The story really requires a strong stomach if you are a caring human being. I would think if you are a Christian, it would require some soul searching along with the Tums.


More great reads

A powerful and hopeful revolution within the American Psychological Association to reject torture as a tool of the United States of America.

Robert Parry reveals in a reflection of his own new book, Neck Deep , that Al Gore has been right about so many things for so long that it is downright undeniable. The popularly elected president is spot on when you look at recent history.


Current Events: Conservatives teach Dems a lesson

David Sirota makes an astute observation. The most conservative newspaper in the nation thinks that spying on Americans and Executive privilege are not Conservative principles. Who knew?


A little dustup

We've all been non-plussed by Hillary's odd statement that a terrorist attack would be good for the Republicans. Naomi Wolf has an excellent take on this whole thing, daring to bring conspiratorial politics into the limelight where it deserves to dwell.


Speaking of conspiracy. WTF?! Have fun!

Witnesses In Army Trial Killed In Crash


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