Sunday, September 16, 2007

Live bloggiing Panthers vs Texans

1st Quarter
•Carolina is off to a real strong start here with a solid seven point scoring drive followed by a fumble recovery and return by Ken Lucas down to the Texan's 17 yard line. Play was challenged but stood.
•Jake just hooked up with Steve Smith for their second touchdown. 14-0.
•Texans shred the safety for two plays and a TD. 14-7.
2nd Quarter
•Texans have the ball, momentum is pretty even though the ball is moving in Houston's favor.
• Ken Lucas just picked off a long pass. This is his second involvement in a turnover. Certainly making a statement. Panther's ball on their own four yard line.
• Oops, not going to happen, called back, Houston's ball on Carolina 29. Now down to the 13.
• Texans score, 14-14
• Ouch, first sack of the year.
• Momentum firmly Houston. Texans 17 Panters 14
3rd Quarter
• Starting as the other one ended. Sounds like a clinic. 31-14
,4th Quarter
• 4th quarter starts with Panthers with the ball, possible change of winds?
• No
• Final 31-14


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