Thursday, November 01, 2007

Those Very Strangely "Missing" Nukes

by Aileen at People First Politics

Way back in early September I posted about a strange incident at Minot AFB in North Dakota, where 5 (now increased to 6) stockpiled nuclear warheads were taken out of storage, armed, attached to supposedly decommissioned Advanced Cruise Missiles, loaded onto the pilons of a B-52 strategic bomber, and flown to Barksdale AFB in Louisiana - a forward staging base for deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq.

My analysis at that time was that the whistleblowers who reported the incident to The Army Times - which then broke the story - were just doing their job, which had to do with some rather obvious "Saber-Rattling" by the Bush administration against Iran. In that post I noted that ex-CIA analyst Larry Johnson> agreed with my analysis on his blog.

On Halloween investigative reporter Dave Lindorff posted a diary on DKos based on his article for The American Conservative [October 22 issue online]. He titled his diary The Air Force Cover-Up of that Minot-Barksdale Nuclear Missile Flight and it's full of little tidbits of information from the Air Force's investigation report on the incident.

There is also some excellent information in an article by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya entitled Missing Nukes: Treason of the Highest Order.

Not only must service members who handle nuclear weapons or warheads follow a very strict chain of command (with lots of backup paperwork), they must be specifically certified for that task. The weapons, particularly those in storage or scheduled for decommissioning, are marked, they are sealed (seals must be broken). they carry tracking 'tags' and can be found anywhere on the planet by military GPS, and direct written orders from senior military officials as well as the base commander is required before the weapons could be loaded on a plane or flown off the base.

Thus it is clear that in the case of these particular 'missing' nukes, highest-level orders were given, procedures double-checked and triple-checked, flight permission was granted. This is not just standard procedure, it's REQUIRED procedure no single person can get around.

According to a number of military experts, intelligence analysts and ex-military members of high rank, there are way too many large holes in the story for it to be anything but a whitewash coverup of a deliberate act authorized by the office of the President and the entire nuclear chain of command, in clear violation of US law and international treaty.

But it gets much worse. Nazemroaya reports that there have been a number of mysterious deaths of USAF personnel shortly before and shortly after the incident...

Airman 1st Class Todd Blue. Attached to the 5th Security Forces Squadron at Minot AFB, specifically the Weapons System Security section responsible for the security of all "priority ressources" - including all the nukes. Went home on leave immediately after the incident and died on September 10th at the age of 20.

USAF Captain John Frueh. Attached to the USAF Special Operations Command. Last seen with a GPS device, camera and camcorder in a backpack. Found dead on September 8 in Washington State, last call from his cell at 12:28 p.m. on August 30, the day of the Minot incident. The Air Force refused to allow Washington state police to investigate his disappearance as a missing person case until they had completed a military investigation. Did they know he was dead?

Clint and Linda Huff. Clint Huff was attached to the 26th Operational Weather Squadron at Barksdale AFB. He and his wife were killed on their motorcycle September 15th after an SUV they were passing turned hard left into them.

First Lieutenant Weston Kissel. B-52H Stratofortress Bomber pilot. Also died in a motorcycle accident on July 17, less than two months before the Minot incident.

Adam Barrs and Stephen Garrett. Attached to the 5th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, responsible for loading and unloading weaponry on the B-52H Stratofortresses at Minot. They were killed in a single vehicle accident on July 3.

The Huffs, Kissel, Barrs and Garrett died before the incident. But if there was advanced planning - and any significant operation takes advanced planning - they might have been involved.

But wait! There's more...

Charles D. Reichers, USAF, Retired. Previous member of the Senior Executive Service of the AF, Principle Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition and Management. Also a master navigator and electronic warfare specialist. Found dead of apparent suicide on October 14.

However, Russian Intelligence analysts reported in Pravda (The Russian news service) that the ruling of suicide was a coverup, that Reichers was murdered because of his involvement in the Minot affair. According to the Pravda article, the incident was linked to an operation to smuggle nuclear weapons away from the US military in connection to launching a war against Iran. Principles in that operation were said to be Daniel Richard DeVos, Who runs the Commonwealth Research Institute, a non-profit organization working for the Pentagon.

Anybody remember Iran-Contra?

General Russell Elliot Dougherty. Former commander of Strategic Air Command and director of the Joint Strategic Target Planning Staff. Reported dead of suicide on September 7.

In June of this year the command staff at Minot was rotated. Incoming officers were...

Colonel Robert D. Critchlow, transferred from the Pentagon to become commanding officer for the 91st Operations Group at Minot.

Colonel Myron L. Freeman, transferred from Japan to Minot to take over as commander of the 91st Security Forces Group, responsible for securing Minot's nuclear arsenal.

Colonel Gregory S. Tims, appointed deputy commander of the 91st Space Wing.

Colonel Bruce Emig, transferred from Ellsworth in South Dakota to Minot to become the base commander.

Colonel Cynthia M. Lundell, transferred from NATO in Western Europe to command the 5th Maintenance Group (responsible for loading weaponry on the B-52s). Now assigned elsewhere.

Read the article for other juicy tidbits that may start putting the belligerent threats, September's "Vigilant Shield 2008" war games on US soil and Russia's war games response, and all this talk of World War III into some perspective. I have doubts that Bush will allow elections in 2008, as he does not plan to leave power. I do believe he's psychotic, thus extremely dangerous to the US and the world.

I no longer think the Minot "oops" was clever saber rattling. I think they were really trying to start a nuclear war.


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