Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Talk Like a Pirate! Arrrr

Arrr ye Mateys,

Back from a year in the bilges not talkin to ye and all, I'd like to offer me humble apologies for not faring thee here, but Talk Like a Pirate Day comes only once a year ye landubbers! So for ye get yer sails all a bind, let yerself ponder how a pirate might view some recent news.

Blackwater. Arrr, a name after me own liking I must say. Rebounds of saber's clashes and cannon ball ruin! Long known, these players of independent means have had their way in this waaar, providing the security that the King's men could not. Not so unlike pirates, this community aaarmed mercenaries thrives on the occupation, reaping the spoils and the bounty of the bloody conflict.

Follow me below to the bilges if ye dare....

The King's General Petraeus. Arrr, an untrustworthy soul if for no other reason than he's not a sailor. Blow me down mateys, how can these landlubbers expect respect when they've never ridden the seas? On the other hand me hardys, there be a certain Admiral Fallon who I might lean a little closer to in regaaards of a clear eye in these spoken matters. Seems the good Admiral thinks the General is akin to parrot poop when it comes to being an upstanding man worthy of military abides.

Rats fleeing the sinking ship. Arrr, it seems that the pace of Republicans leaving the governing wing of the Good Ship America to find their way into its underbelly is apace beyond anyone's expectations.

Arrr, the good Captain Reid of the Senate seems to have calculated his cannon balls with good reason mateys as he is now showing himself to be quite the cutlass bearing scallywag that we had been praying for all along. Now if the good lady Pelosi would set her eye on a similaaaar position, we might be seeing some movement here mateys.

So thaaar you have it ye scallywags, a gang plank you can use to to set sail on yer own news of interest to the pirates of the Kossac Seas. Ahoy mateys! And don't forget to toast to the future where victory is only over the horizon. Drink what ye may, but this pirate would suggest a PBRrrrrrrrrr!


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